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Governor Asks for Backup on His To-Do List

Gov. Tom Corbett is asking for help pushing through the major items on his legislative agenda: liquor privatization, transportation funding and an overhaul of the state's pension systems.

During his Thursday morning address to the capital area chamber of commerce, he banged on the podium as he issued his first call to action on the plan before the state Senate to phase out state wine and spirits stores.

The plan faces some hoops, yet a few reluctant key Republicans and another hearing next month. But Corbett said he's fed up with hearing lawmakers still need to study the issue.

"Everybody knows that this has been on the table," Corbett said. "Everybody knows that it was on the table once I introduced the idea formally back in February. It is time to get this done."

Corbett just as forcefully pressed his case for passing a bill to raise money for roads and bridges.

"Over 30,000 buses every school day travel on the bridges and roads of Pennsylvania with 1.5 million children," Corbett said. "Do it for them. Talk to your legislators. Encourage them: 'Let's get moving and get this done and get it to the governor's desk by June 30.'"

The governor also mentioned his pension overhaul plan, asking the crowd to be "evangelists" for his proposals. Any proselytizers will have to move fast: Lawmakers are back in session less than five weeks before the June budget deadline.