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State Senate Republican Taking Another Shot at Medicaid Expansion

A state Senate Republican is taking another shot at expanding the commonwealth’s Medicaid program.
Sen. Pat Vance of Cumberland County is returning to the issue after failing to get final approval during the twilight hours of the June budgeting frenzy.
The Corbett administration is still in negotiations with federal officials over a possible expansion, and Vance says she’s not sure anything has changed.

"I think we remain hopeful," she said. "On the last day that we were in session I said that I would reintroduce this. I hope that people will consider the merits of it."

The state Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of language that would have required Medicaid expansion by next July, but the provisions were stripped from the bill.
A contingent of House Republicans have voiced staunch opposition to the expansion unless it comes with reforms.  
Vance’s proposal comes with many conditions, including one requiring that children are allowed to state in the state’s health care insurance plan.
But some lawmakers have pointed out her proposal doesn’t allow the governor to nix expansion if the conditions are not met.