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Ex-Justice Melvin Faces Hearing Over Apologies

Former state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin is due in court to explain why she hasn't yet sent autographed pictures of herself in handcuffs apologizing to other state judges for her campaign corruption conviction earlier this year.

Melvin's attorneys say the apologies unfairly force Melvin to incriminate herself while she appeals her conviction. Last week, the state Superior Court agreed and ordered that part of Melvin's sentence be delayed.

But prosecutors say Melvin has already apologized in court, so mailing more apologies shouldn't violate her rights.

Allegheny County Judge Lester Nauhaus has scheduled a hearing Tuesday afternoon to decide whether Melvin's delay in mailing the apologies violates her sentence, which includes three years' house arrest.

Prosecutors say the judge now has reason to modify her sentence and put her in prison.

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