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Macey: Fracking, Working with New Mayor on County Council Agenda

Democrats retained control of Allegheny County Council in Tuesday's election, but they did lose one seat (District 3) and now have a 10-5 majority.

County Councilman Bob Macey (D-9) won another four-year term and is looking ahead to issues in the upcoming year, including fracking on county property and building a relationship with Pittsburgh's mayor-elect Bill Peduto.

Macey said the decision to drill for natural gas on Allegheny Airport property is a great chance to observe the benefits fracking could bring to the region.

“That’s a great place to start I think that we have an opportunity for growth to generate additional revenue to enhance the international airport and its surrounding properties with small businesses, warehousing, as well as light manufacturing,” Macey said.

Macey also feels confident about the fracking regulations that are already being enforced.

“I’m very comfortable with the state laws, the federal laws, and from what I can see of the responsibility of those in public service who control their own communities. I see this to be a very responsible and lucrative situation for those communities,” he said.

With the election of Bill Peduto as mayor, there may be dramatic changes coming to Allegheny County’s largest municipality. Macey sees this as an opportunity to create a partnership that will be beneficial to the public.

“We may be able to make this a large cooperative agreement where we can get our parks funded we can have our parks well maintained and for the betterment of those who enjoy them,” he said.