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Measure to Create New Schools Funding Formula Gets a Boost from Corbett

Prospects for legislation to devise a new schools funding formula have gotten a bit brighter.

Gov. Tom Corbett recently criticized the current method of divvying up state aid, which happens during budget negotiations among state lawmakers.

"It’s not fair right now. OK? So we need to address that," Corbett said. "So I’m looking forward to seeing that bill pass in the Senate. I’m looking forward to that commission, and then let’s go to a true funding system."

A formula to minimize funding disparities among schools was devised under former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and used for three years.

It was scrapped when Corbett took office.

A proposal to develop a new one has passed the state House.

Corbett’s comments supporting it come weeks after an education group in Philadelphia said it plans to sue the commonwealth over schools funding.