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State Senators Taking Next Formal Step to Make Changes to PA Lottery

State senators are taking the next formal step to making changes to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

At an upcoming hearing, they plan to hear from national researchers and state officials on issues related to expanding the lottery to include more games and outsourcing its management.

The original push to add to game offerings came from the Corbett administration during its effort to privatize a portion of the lottery.

But Erik Arneson, spokesman for the Republican Senate Majority Leader, said lawmakers are interested in the face of a potential budget deficit.

"Our focus is on what can generate additional revenue for the state lottery," Arneson said. "We believe that expanding to new games can do that."

Arneson adds Senate Republicans are also considering to what extent privatizing the lottery’s management can bring in more revenue for programs benefiting seniors.

GOP Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi has said he’d like to freeze property tax increases for seniors.