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00000176-e6f7-dce8-adff-f6f770f80000Thirty years ago, the Pittsburgh region was losing more of its population than it was attracting each year, with young adults accounting for most of the exodus.Today the region’s population of 20-to-30-somethings, known as Millennials or Gen Y, is on the rise. Millennials increasingly choose to stay or move to Pittsburgh from other towns. Like each generation before them, they bring a unique blend of attitudes and characteristics that reflect their experiences and they’re reshaping Pittsburgh in some interesting ways.This web series reflects the views of Pittsburgh’s next generation, what they have to say about themselves, their community, and where they live and work.

Councilman Dan Gilman on Being a Millennial in Pittsburgh

Katie Blackley
90.5 WESA

Councilman Dan Gilman is no stranger to Pittsburgh City Council.

From his college days as an intern, to his 10-year stint as chief of staff for now-Mayor Bill Peduto, Gilman is familiar with the city’s political atmosphere.

Now serving the residents of District 8, he is one of the council's youngest members.

Dan Gilman on Pittsburgh's Millennial Generation:

  • Young Pittsburghers are not politically apathetic: Gilman sees unique political engagement from young Pittsburghers that focuses on community organization through social media.
  • Pittsburgh sits at the top of a mountain: He sees potential for great growth in the region but understands that without careful leadership, the city could recede. Transportation and public housing are two issues he'd like to address in his political career.
  • Millennials are essential to the city: From restaurants to housing to neighborhood resurgence, Dan said Pittsburgh is “right on the cusp of really putting itself on the map,” and young people are playing a major role in this progression.
  • Dan describes himself as a “pro-growth progressive.” He’s socially liberal but economically moderate and aims to find chances for everyone to succeed. He insists that developers must focus on the three P’s: Profit, People and Planet.

Listen to a full interview with Councilman Gilman here: