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Attorney General Kane: Corbett Did Not Drag Feet Over Sandusky Investigation

Deanna Garcia
90.5 WESA

The office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane released a report Monday regarding Tom Corbett's handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse investigation when he was Attorney General. Patriot News opinions editor John Micek talked about how the findings of Kane's office could impact Governor Corbett's chances of re-election.

The Attorney General’s report found no evidence of Corbett mishandling the investigation due to political influence. Micek said even though the report was issued well before voting begins, for Corbett's re-election campaign, the report may hurt his chances in the polls.

“I think voters sort of expect politicians to play politics, but they expect governors to govern and manage. To the extent Attorney General Kane left open questions about the governor’s competency as a manager or his administrative style, I think that poses some problems for him. You’ve got democrat Tom Wolfe who’s running 20 points up in most early polls, and that could be an issue down the road.”

Attorney General Kane’s report did find that key people in the case were not interviewed when they should have, and that the grand jury was not given the proper resources it needed, when they were needed. Micek also said the report states the rumblings of the sex abuse scandal were known as early as 2009, but action was not taken.