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State Liquor Control Board Wants You Buy Pennsylvania-Made Wine

As more awareness and excitement builds around eating and buying local, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board hopes commonwealth residents will drink local. This October, Wine and Spirits stores will be encouraging you to buy wine made and bottled in-state.

Pennsylvania wine sales account for a small percentage of all wine sales – in 2012, wine sales were $821 million – five million of that was wine produced in-state. But those are numbers that have been rising – over the last 30 years, Pennsylvania wineries have grown from a couple dozen to more than 200.

This month, state officials are urging residents to drink more – and drink local.

“More and more people want to buy products that are either grown around them or made around them. And so, at a time when more and more people are buying local, we want to give people the information that the product they want to meet that demand," Stacy Kriedeman, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

And that product is wine. So next time you pour yourself a glass, remember the state wants you to drink local.