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Corbett Prepares For His Next Gig

Whatever he’s doing after moving out of the governor’s residence, Tom Corbett says, he’ll probably be holding a grandson. The governor says he’s looking forward to more family time as he returns to his Pittsburgh-area home – but he’s not closing the door to an encore in public service. 

“It really depends on what it is,” Corbett said during a recent taping of Radio Pennsylvania’s Ask the Governor program. “I will still be involved with the party. I told the party chair that I want to stay involved. I’m not walking away. I’m not riding off into the sunset completely. But I think the stage is for other people now.”

At 65, Corbett has already done stints as U.S. attorney and state attorney general.

“But public service — there’s all different ways of doing public service, so we’ll see what comes along,” Corbett said.

He does not plan to retire.

“I could see teaching some in college, or maybe law school, I can see doing something like that on ... sort of a part-time basis,” Corbett said. “I think that would be a lot of fun.”