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Following the Fall of Rob McCord, Questions Remain about What Comes Next

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Former Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord pleaded guilty Tuesday to two federal counts of attempted extortion, admitting that he tried to use the position of his office to strong-arm state contractors into donating money to his failed gubernatorial campaign.

WESA's Capitol correspondent Mary Wilson joins us to discuss McCord's steep and fast fall from public office.

Although yesterday's hearing featured McCord admitting to the charges federal authorities have brought against him, it was difficult to get a read on his state of mind.

"He did not make any comments as he left the courtroom," says Wilson, "and most of his comments when he stood before the judge were very short."

Questions also remain as to how McCord's cooperation will affect his sentencing hearings later in the year. 

"We don't know to what extent McCord is cooperating with the authorities," Wilson says, "and we don't know how his apparent acceptance of responsibility will be factored into his sentence."