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Coming to a Beer Distributor Near You: 12-Packs


The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has clarified a container requirement rule – clearing the way for beer distributors to sell 12 packs.

This came after several requests for clarification by a beer distributor and brewery which asked if, under current PLCB regulations, they could “prepare a single large container of malt or brewed beverages consisting of twelve smaller containers, each holding approximately 12 ounces, designed to be sold as a single unit.”

The PLCB said that under their regulations malt or brewed beverages may be sold to the public either in “case” quantities or “original containers containing at least 128 fluid ounces.” Since the 12 packs would contain 144 fluid ounces – they can be sold as prepared by the manufacturer.

"The definition of original container is broad enough to include a container consisting of 12 smaller containers shrink-wrapped together," said Rodrigo Diaz, executive Deputy Chief Counsel for the PLCB.

The single large containers can’t be separated or modified by anyone other than the ultimate consumer, meaning a 24 pack cannot be split by the distributor, but a container can be sold to the distributor as a 12-pack and then sold to the consumer in the same configuration.