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PA Lt. Gov. Stack To Co-Chair Military Affairs Committee

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Mike Stack is in Washington, D.C. Friday attending his first meeting as co-chair of the Military Affairs Committee of the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association.

Stack was asked to accept the appointment last month by NLGA chair Nancy Wyman, the lieutenant governor of Connecticut. Not only is this Stack’s first appearance as co-chair, but also his first meeting since being sworn in January. Stack was a Pennsylvania state senator from 2001 to 2015 representing the 5th district in Philadelphia County.  

The committee develops expertise on federal-state military issues and equips Lieutenant Governors with strategies to handle military affairs.

“The committee itself has responsibilities for making sure that other lieutenant governors around the country have some expertise in federal and state military issues,” said Lt. Gov. Stack's Press Secretary Gary Tuma. “You know the federal government, as we’re all well aware, has numerous facilities in various states. The U.S. military has to cooperate and deal with various issues that arise from time to time with the states.”

Stack has been a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard since 2007, where he now serves as a Judge Advocate General prosecutor.

“He’s got a military background, and is currently still involved in the military. And as Lieutenant Governor here, he’s involved in Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency which works closely with the National Guard in emergency situations. So he’s deeply involved in this,” Tuma said.

Tuma said Stack wants to ensure other lieutenant governors have somewhere to turn when issues involving the federal and state militaries arise.

“There are often various issues related to infrastructure on military bases to the level of commitment the federal government is making in various states,” he said.