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Minority And Women Hiring Up At PA Casinos

Minority groups saw a two percentage point increase in casino employment throughout the state, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s 8thannual diversity report.

Racial minorities now comprise about 33 percent of casinos' total workforce. Analysts found 43 percent of employees are women.

The report measures diversity among all positions. Mozelle Daniels, the board's director of diversity, said improvements are a result of the implementation of individual diversity plans for each casino.

“The focus of the report is quite simple,” Daniels said. “The Gaming Control Board is responsible for ensuring and promoting diversity in all aspects of gaming in Pennsylvania. That includes the casinos, the manufacturers, the suppliers -- all of our gaming service providers.”

Casinos oblige voluntarily, Daniels said, "because they know that a diverse workforce is beneficial not only to us, but them and the entire commonwealth. The casinos are doing an outstanding job.”

Among executive management and professional level positions, analysts found racial minorities held 21 percent of positions statewide. Women comprised 38 percent.

Each casino should set individual goals because of the variations in the demographics surrounding them, Daniels said.

“Each casino is located in a different area of the state, unlike some of the other states where you may have just a row of casinos in one area or in one city,” she said. “We’re located throughout the state, it’s very strategic.”