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Kane Aide Defending Contempt Charges Over Email Search

Matt Rourke


A top aide to Pennsylvania's attorney general is in court Monday defending charges he snooped on emails to keep tabs on a grand jury investigation involving boss Kathleen Kane.

A defense lawyer has argued that Patrick Reese wasn't aware of the court order protecting the emails.

Montgomery County prosecutors charged Reese with criminal contempt the same day in August they charged Kane with perjury and obstruction.

Kane denies charges that she leaked grand jury material and then lied about it.

First Deputy Attorney General Bruce Beemer has testified Monday that he and other key staffers knew of the protective order, but he doesn't think an email went out to the full staff.

Reese is a former small-town police chief in northeastern Pennsylvania who is now Kane's driver and confidante.

Montgomery County Judge William Carpenter is conducting the hearing over the order he issued last year to protect the grand jury probe of Kane.