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Clinton Makes Last Stop In Pittsburgh Ahead Of Election Day

Andrew Harnik

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton drew thousands outside the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning on Monday.

“I’m here to ask you to vote for yourselves, vote for your families, vote for your futures, vote for the issues that matter to you because they are on the ballot, not just my name and my opponent’s name,” she said.

Clinton asked supporters to consider volunteering in the next 24 hours to get as many people to the polls as possible.

“We are on track, as I said, to have a huge turnout,” she said. “But we can only do that if all of you make up your minds. You bring your friends, everybody you know, to make sure your voices are heard.”

Pennsylvania’s Senate race was also a priority of the “get out the vote" effort.

One of the most contested, and expensive, down-ballot races this year is between incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, and challenger Democrat Katie McGinty.

McGinty touted her candidacy along with Clinton's. 

“When we’re shattering that glass ceiling in the White House, will you help me shatter the glass ceiling in the U.S. Senate as well?” she asked.

McGinty’s former opponent, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman stressed the importance of McGinty’s win to achieve a blue Senate.

“Are there any former Berners in the audience? We need your vote, no one sit this out. I’m begging you please, do not go third party,” Fetterman said. “We need everybody on deck for Hillary, we need everybody on deck for Katie.”

Clinton spoke about the issues of domestic manufacturing, directly addressing a man in the crowd holding a “coal miners for Hillary sign.” She said she promised not to forget him, or others who had lost their jobs in the last economic recession.

Recent polls by Quinnipiac College and Muhlenberg College show Clinton with a narrowing single-digit lead over Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. McGinty and Toomey face an even slimmer race.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump also held a rally in Moon Township Sunday night. As many as 12,000 supporters reportedly showed up to see him

Polls are open on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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