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No Change In Election Results After Allegheny Co. Recanvasses Voting Machines

Matt Rourke

Allegheny County officials found no disparities after recanvassing some of the election results on Monday.

Participants in a campaign led by the Green Party’s Jill Stein filed recount petitions in 52 of Allegheny County’s 1,322 voting districts.

Allegheny County Elections Division Manager Mark Wolosik said the recanvass that took place is different than recounting individual votes.

“We compared the results that were generated on election night by each local precinct official at the polling places and compared it to the votes that are cast and retained on the removable flash memory cards (found in voting machines)," he said. "We compared those two totals." 

The re-canvass did not include absentee ballots in those districts.

A forensic analysis of voting machines was also requested, but the elections division did not approve it at its meeting last week.

“The pre-election and post-election and election day testing we do, in our mind we do software verification already and we’ve been doing that since the November 2006 election,” Wolosik said.  

Stein filed a federal lawsuit requesting a recount in Pennsylvania on Monday.

Allegheny County is scheduled to certify its election results at a meeting on Dec. 12.