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Proposed 2018 Allegheny County Budget Unveiled By Rich Fitzgerald

Jake Savitz
90.5 WESA

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald presented his 2018 budget proposal to County Council on Tuesday, totaling $905.7 million, a 2.8 percent growth from the year before.

Fitzgerald credited population growth and some streamlining in governmental offices for the growth. Paying employees takes the largest percent of the budget, he said, but the budget will likely be more robust in funding public works, including construction.

"I think people in Allegheny County are seeing the investment we're making in infrastructure, in our parks, and in quality of life," he said. 

County Council will consider the proposal over the next two months and must approve a budget before the end of December. If the current proposal passes, Fitzgerald said it would be the 16th out of the past 17 budgets that doesn't call for an increase in property tax rates.

While the rate set by the county may stay the same, residents' property taxes may rise if the value of their property increases.

Fitzgerald said this could help draw more people and businesses to the area.

"The budget is a very public process, and the fact that we're holding the line on taxes, I think, will give people some confidence," he said.

Allegheny County Council will also deliberate on a proposed capital budget of $106.6 million, which includes 73 infrastructure and capital improvement projects, such as restoring historic landmarks and the "Three Sisters" bridges.