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Wolf Signs 88 End-Of-Session Bills, Vetoes Four

Governor Tom Wolf has worked his way through a massive pile of bills lawmakers sent to his desk before recessing.

All told, 88 bills from the last couple session weeks are now enacted law.

But four are not.

The highest profile veto was a bid to create work requirements for certain Medicaid recipients that Wolf has long opposed.

The other three garnered less attention.

One would have created new rules for the commonwealth’s loan payments. It was favored by Republican House Speaker Mike Turzai—but Wolf says he thinks the bill would reduce the state’s flexibility in restructuring debt.

Another would have streamlined approval of public schools’ Career and Technical Education programs. The governor says he was concerned it would make some education programs ineligible for federal funding.

The final bill would have changed standards for illegal price gouging during natural disasters.

Supporters say it made the rules clearer, but Wolf says it would ultimately burden consumers.

A number of Republicans released statements criticizing Wolf for the vetoes.