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Protesters Chant 'Stop Taking Bribes' In Pennsylvania House

Matt Rourke
Demonstrators protesting a Pennsylvania law that doesn't limit how much in gifts state lawmakers may accept from people seeking to influence them are escorted from the House of Representatives' chamber in the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa.

Demonstrators chanted "stop taking bribes" and threw dollar bills from a balcony in Pennsylvania's House chamber as part of a protest over state law that doesn't limit the value of gifts that lawmakers may accept from lobbyists and others. 

Capitol police officers led the demonstrators out shortly after they began chanting in the House gallery, several stories above the chamber floor as lawmakers and staff looked on.

Demonstrators also unfurled a banner that read, "Some are guilty, all are responsible."

Most other states limit how much in gifts lawmakers may accept. Lobbyists in Pennsylvania routinely dole out free meals, drinks and even tickets to expensive sporting events to lawmakers.

Gift-ban legislation has been introduced before and seen no action.

House Speaker Mike Turzai pledges to support the bill.