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Constituents Press Lamb On Impeachment, Gun Control At Town Hall

Lucy Perkins
90.5 WESA
Nita Fandray asks Rep. Lamb why he hasn't supported an impeachment inquiry against President Trump

U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb was challenged on the issue of impeachment and gun control at a town hall in Allison Park on Tuesday evening. 

"As you know, while mass shootings are rare, they have deeply affected our community," said Dana Kellerman, a member of Dor Hadash, one of the congregations targeted in last year's shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill. "Extreme risk protection orders, red flag laws, have broad support, among Republicans and Democrats...given that, can you explain why you have not, or whether you are going to co-sponsor [the extreme risk protection bills] in the fall?"

Lamb acknowledged the tragedies of the many mass shootings over the years, and said he's seen broad bipartisan support for universal background checks.

"We have a chance on universal background checks," Lamb said. "I support unequivocally the bills that we’ve already passed and I think all of our efforts need to be put towards getting the Senate to taking up these important measures."


Constituents also pushed Lamb to support an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

"Support an impeachment inquiry," said Nita Fandray of Mount Lebanon. "You're lagging behind...and I'd like to know why."


Though 125 House Democrats,a majority of the caucus, now support opening an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, Lamb is among those in his party who have not weighed in on the issue, saying "there are a lot more questions that need to be answered."


At a town hall in June, the moderate Democrat said he supported “getting to the facts of this thing, whatever they are by whatever means necessary.” But Lamb said the strategies of House committees, such as pursuing subpoenas the Trump administration has ignored through the courts, are working. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who opposes moving forward with an impeachment inquiry, has also pointed to pending litigation as a reason to hold off. 


That frustrated constituents like Ed Chute of Mount Lebanon.


"When last we talked, you were noncommittal," Chute said. "So I'm now asking you: where [do] you stand now about joining members of your caucus, or are you going to just continue to wait?


Lamb echoed his previous remarks.

"I am not convinced now, nor have I been that we have met the bar for impeachment," he said. "I think that is an extremely high bar, but I’m continuing to follow these investigations as much as I can.

Lamb’s district covers suburban portions of Allegheny County and Beaver County.