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GOP incumbents Mustello, Cook, Cooper win primaries in 11th, 50th, 55th Districts; Bashline takes 63rd

A voter marks their ballot at a polling place in Bristol, Pa., Tuesday, April 23, 2024.
Matt Rourke
A voter marks their ballot at a polling place in Bristol, Pa., Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Republicans representing state House districts on the rural edges of the Pittsburgh metro area coasted to victory on Tuesday, knocking off challengers in the GOP primary.

11th District

In the 11th House District, which covers a swath of Butler County, incumbent state Rep. Marci Mustello again defeated challenger Ryan Covert in the Republican primary. Mustello previously defeated Covert in the 2022 GOP primary.

With no Democratic primary candidate on the ballot, Mustello is expected to easily win the seat in the general election in November.

50th District

Incumbent state Rep. Donald “Bud” Cook beat challenger Stephanie Waggett in the GOP primary for the 50th District, which includes Greene County and a portion of Washington County.

Cook, who was redistricted from the 49th District in 2022, has served four terms in the state House.

55th District

In the 55th District, which includes northern Westmoreland County, incumbent state Rep. Jill Cooper knocked off challenger Jamie Lingg in the Republican primary.

Cooper was first elected to the seat in 2023.

63rd District

Candidate Josh Bashline earned the Republican nomination in the 63rd District, beating three others — Darlene Smail, Lisa Kerle and Clay Kennemuth — in the GOP primary. The four were all vying for the nomination to succeed retiring state Rep. Donna Oberlander.

The rural 63rd District covers all of Clarion County as well as parts of Armstrong County from Kittanning to the Elderton area along the Indiana County line.

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