AG Shapiro Announces Additional Child Molestation Charges Against Johnstown Pediatrician

Jul 30, 2018

Sixty-nine charges were announced against a Johnstown pediatrician accused of sexually assaulting patients and members of his family starting in the 1980s and through this year. Similar charges were filed against 70-year-old Johnnie Barto in January, March and April.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said many of the assaults took place under the guise of medical treatment at Barto's Cambria County practice. Shapiro said sometimes parents were in the room, but Barto would position his body to block their view of the abuse.

"He's facing many serious felony charges, enough to keep him behind bars for the rest of his life," Shapiro said. "We think that's the proper punishment."

Charging documents allege Barto fondled the genitals of girls and boys who ranged from infants to teenagers. In one case, Shapiro said the doctor assaulted a two-week-old girl.

Barto was arrested in January after a 12-year-old patient reported the doctor assaulted her during an appointment. 

"We've got this predator off our streets, someone that families trusted, children trusted and the community trusted," Shapiro said. 

Victims of Barto's abuse are encouraged to contact the Attorney General's offfice or call a hotline set up for this specific case -- 412-565-7680.