Allegheny County Leads PA In Clean Energy Jobs, As State Sees Growth In The Industry

Sep 7, 2017

Clean energy jobs continue to grow in Pennsylvania, according to a new report from energy non-profits Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance and Environmental Entrepreneurs. Their 2017 data shows Pennsylvania is home to 70,000 clean energy jobs, a 6 percent rise from last year.

Allegheny County leads the state with more than 8,000 clean energy jobs, in sectors like wind, solar and hydropower. Pittsburgh's metro area has 14,000 clean energy jobs.

Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance Policy Director Julian Boggs said clean energy jobs will continue to thrive despite the Trump administration prioritizing fossil fuels.

"The future of clean energy jobs is bright," Boggs said. "The reality is that a lot of energy policy happens at the state level, so we're in control here in Pennsylvania."

The report notes state policies have been important to continued clean energy job growth. That includes Pennsylvania's Act 129, which requires utility companies to encourage energy efficiency and conservation among their clients.

"It's up to Pennsylvania lawmakers to continue policies which invest in energy efficiency," Boggs said. "We're growing at a really strong rate, and as long as we don't take our foot off the gas we'll continue to see growth here in Pennsylvania."

Clean energy jobs now outnumber fossil fuel jobs in the state by about two-to-one, according to the report.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Kubina on Flickr)