Apparent Drug Overdose On The South Side Kills 3, Hospitalizes 4

Sep 22, 2019

Pittsburgh Police responded to a medical situation in the South Side early Sunday morning. The initial investigation suggests a drug overdose.

This story was updated at 5:50 p.m. to include more information.

Three men died and four were hospitalized. All seven were wearing orange paper wristbands. Police believe they had all been at a party or concert together, said Chris Togneri, Department of Public Safety spokesperson.

“They then went to some sort of after-event party. And at that point is when detectives believe drugs were ingested and those drugs were tainted apparently.”

As of Sunday afternoon, one of the hospitalized men had been discharged, said Togneri.

Police stress this was not a case of a tainted drug being distributed at a large venue, but instead affected just one location. However, “that does mean there is potentially a tainted batch of drugs out there in the community,” said Tognieri. “Police are cautioning people, as they always do, don’t take drugs. Because you do not … know what is in the drugs.”

The men were all found in or near a single unit of City Club Apartments on South Tunnel Boulevard. Five were found in an apartment, one was found in an elevator outside the apartment, and another person was found a block away.

In a statement, apartment management said the men were not residents of the building, but “acquaintances of a resident in good standing.”

The investigation is ongoing.