Are Fitness Apps Really Worth It?

Aug 14, 2014

Fitness applications may not be the best replacement for personal training or group fitness classes.
Credit Health Gauge / Flickr

Whether it's a pedometer or an app tracking your calories there's no shortage of technological devices to record your fitness endeavors. But, do they work? Are they necessary? How long do people actually use them? Research states one in three people using wearable fitness technology will stop after six months.

Joe Vennare, co-founder of the online fitness and health magazine Fittsburgh, thinks apps,  for tracking your workout progress, may not be all that helpful,  "I think it’s a good on-ramp process for people, but I think sticking with it over time, leave’s a lot to be desired."

However, if you're interested in using an app to  help track calories and workout routines Vennare suggests:   Run Keeper, which maps your run. and Gain Fitness, a pocket personal trainer created by a CMU graduate.