Are We Ready to Take on Another War?

Aug 29, 2013

Rebels posing in front of a burnt military vehicle in Syria
Credit Freedom House / Flickr

Discussion about the need for military intervention in Syria continues in Washington as President Obama and Congress explore options for the United States.

The Syrian government is under scrutiny for using chemical weapons against its own people while trying to dispel rebels amidst their civil war.

Former U.S. Ambassador and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Dan Simpson thinks the American military should stay out of the Syrian conflict.

“Our military forces are clearly greatly depleted after the last two wars,” he explains.

The financial situation of the United States is reason enough to not go to war, he says. And the military cases of Bradley Manning, Nadal Hassan, and Robert Bales are further testimony to the weakened state of the armed forces. Simpsons says that Congress, as a representation of the people, should look to polls that indicate a majority of Americans are in favor of staying out of Syria.