Art Is A Language For Cafe Con Leche Resident Artist

Jul 28, 2016

For more than two years, Café Con Leche has promoted Latino artists and culture in Pittsburgh.

It also hosts an artist-in-residency program.

“Art is a language and I think that it doesn’t necessarily function in the same way that our spoken language does,” said multimedia artist Hoesy Corona. “Which means that it can really enter us in a different way.”

Corona exhibited his work in Pittsburgh as the resident artist in May. He’s based in Baltimore, Md. and for his artist residency focused on the question of what it means to be a Latino in a place where there are few Latinos.

“I hope that exposing people, especially in Pittsburgh, to different kinds of cultures and food and art, that we as a region can really start to reflect the changes in the demographic of the country,” said Cafe Con Leche Founder Tara Sherry-Torres.

Boris Balsindes Urquiola is the artist-in-residence for August. His work will be exhibited at events at Most Wanted Fine Art in Garfield throughout the month.