Bob and Marilee Tudi, The ‘One Day Miracle’ Makers

Feb 28, 2014

Bob and Marilee Tudi
Credit Marina Weis / 90.5 WESA

Read and listen to a story about Bob and Marilee Tudi as part of a series honoring the individuals who make a difference in people’s lives: 90.5 WESA Celebrates People Making a Difference.

Imagine living without heat this winter. Sadly, many people do. But thanks to Bob and Marilee of McKees Rocks, the winter is much warmer for many in need.

Fifteen years ago, Bob Tudi, owner of Tudi Mechanical, sent a tech out to a home of a single mother of three children. Her furnace was broken, and she had no money for a new one. Bob and his tech decided the right thing to do was to give her a furnace and install it for free.

Not only did it make an obvious difference for that family, but also it made a huge impact on his employee who installed it.

“This guy was so lit, to be able to do this for this family, that he came back, he was just walking on air, he wasn’t touching the ground,” Bob said.

That experience prompted Bob and his wife Marilee to want to do more. They saw the need and how it not only benefited those who were receiving, but also those who were doing the giving, building volunteerism and a sense of community.