Buy One, Get One... Cats? Animal Friends Says It's The Purrfect Time

Aug 11, 2015

Animal Friends is overflowing with cats and trying to adopt them two at a time.
Credit Animal Friends Facebook page

A new litter of 32 rescued cats and kittens has put Pittsburgh's Animal Friends over its tipping point, spokeswoman Shannon Tremblay said Tuesday.

The Ohio Township-based shelter is hosting a “Twice as Nice” event through Sunday, offering a free second adoption if you pay for the first.

“Bringing in two cats as opposed to one really isn’t that big of a difference,” Tremblay said. “Cats are pretty self-sustainable, they don’t take up as much space, plus you have the added benefit there of playmate, because there’s two.”

The cats all come vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped, and Tremblay said there are plenty of personalities and age groups to choose from.

Adoption for cats younger than 6 months old are $100 and $75 for all cats older than 6 months.