Carnegie To Discuss 'State Of The Library' With The Public

Mar 18, 2013

The “State of the Library” along with other issues surrounding the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP), such as 2012 accomplishments as well as plans for 2013, will be discussed at a meeting with the general public as part of their community engagement strategy.

Library spokeswoman Suzanne Thinnes said to expect a few surprise announcements at the meeting.

“We made an announcement that we will be increasing our hours in the upcoming year, and they do begin in April, so I’m sure we’ll be sharing those details," she said. "We do have some great news regarding one of our locations being open on the weekends. We also will announce our Advocate if the Year Award and the 2012 recipient, and we will introduce that person to the crowd during our meeting…”

The Library also just completed a five-year strategic plan, which was launched in January.

“For the next five years we have a number of key elements that we will be working on," Thinnes said, "and we will be sharing with the public not only what we’re working on, but the progress made toward those goals.”

Thinnes said developing this plan was very rewarding.

“The strategic plan was a great process," she said. "We worked with staff, board members, community members, and really were taking a look at where the library wants to be in the next five years and what goals the library should be working on.”

The meeting, which will take place March 21 from 6:30-8:30 pm, will also have an open question and answer session.