Carnegie Library Workers To Launch Union Drive Monday

Jun 21, 2019

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh employees are expected to launch a unionization effort Monday. A committee that formed a year ago will begin collecting union cards in hopes of joining The United Steelworkers.

“The library works because we do,” said librarian Emily Miller in an e-mailed press release. “In order to do our best work for the community, we need a union to secure the support and respect we deserve.”

According to the release, library employees are seeking a greater voice when it comes to decisions about pay, benefits, hiring and promotions. Workers also say they want to create "a more inclusive and equitable work environment."

County Council Representative Dewitt Walton is expected to speak at Monday's event alongside library workers.

Library drivers and environmental service workers are already represented by the Teamsters and SEIU, respectively.

WESA's Sarah Schneider contributed to this report.