Coal Cars Derail And Topple Over In McKeesport

Sep 27, 2017

At least nine coal cars have derailed in McKeesport, Pa., downing some live electrical wires.

CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle says the train was traveling from Grafton, West Virginia, to Monaca, Pennsylvania, when an unspecified number of coal cars derailed Wednesday afternoon on Lysle Boulevard.

Doolittle and Allegheny County emergency management officials say there were no immediate reports of injuries. The train consisted of two locomotive engines pulling 126 freight cars, all filled with coal. Video showed at least nine cars obviously derailed in a zig-zag pattern, and at least one had toppled over and spilled its load.

Doolittle says the cause of the derailment will be investigated as crews work to remove the cars and clean up the spilled coal.