Credit Card Alternative Startup To Open Second Flagship Office In Pittsburgh

Oct 30, 2018


San Francisco-based company Affirm has announced Pittsburgh will be the location of its second flagship office.


Affirm is kind of like a credit card, except there’s no actual plastic involved. At online checkouts, users can select Affirm as their method of payment. They then pay off those purchases in monthly increments, with no late fees or service fees.


Spokesperson Elizabeth Allin said the company wanted a place with factors such as a local talent pool and a rising tech scene, and that they considered a few different cities.


“We didn’t just want to pick a city that was advantageous to us in terms of hiring or embracing tech," Allin said. "We wanted to pick a city where employees would really love to live, and would want to go to and be part of the community."


Allin said Pittsburgh’s low cost of living also made it attractive, and that Affirm is looking at a few different sites within the city to build an office.


“It is, for all intents and purposes, as official a location of Affirm as our headquarters in San Francisco are," Allin said.


The company plans to create up to 100 new jobs in their first year of operations in Pittsburgh, with the goal of up to employing 500 people in the next five years.