Exploring Pittsburgh's Innovation Trends

May 28, 2013

In places like China where people experience major respiratory problems, the Hemolung can be invaluable. But who has the rights to the technology when it's in a country with different laws?
Credit ALung

What happens when Pittsburgh's biggest innovators branch out to new territory?

ALung has been making waves with the Hemolung Respiratory Assist System. They've gathered major funding to sell in Europe and now China. But big questions must be raised about intellectual property rights. How can companies protect themselves and flourish at the same time?

And right now one of the hottest trends in the startup world is hardware. Instead of building apps and Web products, companies are building physical hardware that you can buy and use, like the folks at 4Moms.

Of course with this region's manufacturing history, its reputation as a robotics hub and the backing of accelerator trend setters like TechShop Pittsburgh and AlphaLab, Pittsburgh is looking to be an excellent place to house these kinds of startups. So what does it take to incubate a hardware startup as opposed to software based projects?

Guest: Pittsburgh Business Times Innovation reporter Malia Spencer.

To talk hardware startups online, try this Reddit community. And let us know which local innovation trends raise questions for you?