Former Bishop Of Greensburg Diocese Accused Of Abuse

Sep 5, 2018

The former bishop of the Greensburg Diocese, Anthony Bosco, has been accused of abuse in the wake of a grand jury report about six dioceses in Pennsylvania

On Wednesday, the Diocese of Pittsburgh made a report to the Allegheny County District Attorney alleging abuse from the 1960s, when Bosco was a priest within the Pittsburgh Diocese, said spokesperson Father Nick Vaskov. Bosco served as the Greensburg bishop from 1987 until he retired in 2004, and died in 2013. 


"The allegation came in through our clergy abuse hotline, where people can call, whether it’s to make an allegation or to seek assistance if they’re a victim of abuse," Vaskov said. 


The report alleges inappropriate touching of a nursing student when he was a chaplain and instructor at the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, according to a release.


“Certainly it’s considered credible that...he would have been where the victim alleged this to happen at the time," said Vaskov. "And so, we do consider it a credible allegation."


That’s why, Vaskov noted, the Pittsburgh diocese turned the case over to the district attorney to investigate.


If you're aware of abuse within the Catholic Church, you can contact the state of Pennsylvania abuse hotline at 1-800-932-0313.


90.5 WESA's Patrick Doyle and Larkin Page-Jacobs contributed to this story.