Former Fox Chapel Coach Develops App To Help Student Athletes Train On Their Own Time

Mar 19, 2019

Matt Michaux used to be a basketball coach at Fox Chapel High School. He said back then, he'd train with students before and after school. However, when he and his wife had a kid, that wasn't an option anymore. 

Matt Michaux developed the app Hustle to help high school athletes train.
Credit Kathleen Davis / 90.5 WESA

"So we developed Hustle as a way for kids to get better on their own, when they couldn't find a high quality coach to partner with," Michaux said. 

The app is meant to help student athletes improve their skills when they're away from a coach. Subscribers have access to hundreds of training videos, led by coaches, as well as professional and college athletes.

Hustle currently has training videos for basketball and baseball, and they're in the process of adding soccer, volleyball, football and hockey.

One of hundreds of drills available on Hustle. This one is led by Ryan Maha of the Carnegie Mellon University basketball team.
Credit Hustle

Michaux said Hustle has 100,000 users so far, and based on surveys, about 75 percent of them have the app open while they're at the gym.

"That means they're lacing up their shoes, they're looking at the drills that they're going to be doing over the next 45 to 60 minutes," he said.

Student athletes can practice their guard skills, agility and footwork with Hustle for $8 a month, or $75 a year.