Fourth Alligator Found Near Pittsburgh, Shaler Police Looking For Owner

Jul 19, 2019

A fourth alligator was found near Pittsburgh this week.

The Shaler Police Department tweeted Friday that a 2-foot gator was found overnight in front of the Giant Eagle on Butler Plank Road, just off of Route 8.

Three other alligators were discovered in the city’s Beechview and Carrick neighborhoods in May and June. One of the gators, a 5-foot-long one named Chomp, belonged to Beechview resident Mark McGowan.

McGown told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Chomp escaped through a window while he was cleaning the animal’s enclosure.

“He only made it 100 feet,” he told the newspaper.

Authorities later discovered McGowan’s home was filled with dozens of other exotic animals. He now faces 33 counts of neglect.

Shaler police are looking for the owner of the gator discovered Friday.