Free Fishing Comes To Pennsylvania Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2019

Anglers without a license are going to get a chance to fish for free on Sunday.

And for anyone who misses that opportunity, the state Fish and Boat Commission will offer another chance at license-free fishing in July.

If you're over 16 and want to fish in a Pennsylvania lake, stream, or any other body of water, you generally need a license.

Those run about $23 a year for most residents. It may not be enough to break the bank, but the commission acknowledges the red tape may be enough to deter would-be anglers.

That's where the free-fishing days come in.

They are scheduled on holidays--the first during Memorial Day weekend, and the second on the Fourth of July.

That way, those curious about fishing can give it a shot, and decide if they want to commit to a license.

Lots of state and community parks, and even some public libraries even loan out fishing tackle.

The rest of commonwealth's regular fishing rules still apply.