Global IT Company Comes to Pittsburgh

Dec 19, 2013

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is looking for its next generation workforce in Pittsburgh.

The global information technology services company is building a new delivery center in the Strip District.

“We selected Pittsburgh based on a number of factors including the educational environment there and the availability of a broad range of IT technical skills from entry level all the way up to top skill professionals,” Everett Dyer, Vice President of Global Delivery Networks, said.

He projected the company, whose U.S. headquarters is in Falls Church, Virginia, will create at least 500 new technology jobs in Pittsburgh over the next three years - and a “couple thousand more" afterwards.

Dyer said the company is transforming from the existing services they have historically been providing to respond to what he called a “tectonic shift in the IT industry.”

He said they believe the next generation of technology revolves around cloud computing, agile ways to deliver IT services to businesses, big data, data analytics and application modernization.

He said Pittsburgh offers his company a way to deliver those services in an effective manner, and the city will benefit as well.

“I think the inclusion of Pittsburgh into our global delivery network will allow us to bring customers there to see the delivery,” Dyer said. “We’ll be holding meetings there and several CSC teams will be traveling there for various workshops and training sessions, so there’ll be a lot of activity for CSC in and out of Pittsburgh.”

According to Dyer, CSC believes its next generation workforce could be at Pittsburgh’s 35 colleges and universities.

“In our selection of Pittsburgh we actually had teams talk with a number of the universities and colleges and tech schools there who are going to work with us over the next couple of years to develop curricula that directly brings their students the skills that we can then hire, and so we’ll have a large hiring program for college graduates,” Dyer said.

He said the company is also looking to recruit experienced IT workers.

“The Pittsburgh environment also has a number of people who have some advanced skills there in place and so you’ll see us hiring advanced skill people to intermingle with and work in teams with the ones that we bring up right out of college,” Dyer said.

CSC is planning to move into a temporary location at Penn Avenue in mid-January until its permanent $14 million, 120,000-square-foot space is finished.