Good News For Our Listeners In Johnstown

Aug 24, 2016

Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corp. CEO Terry O'Reilly
Credit Jeff Swenson

To our listeners and members in Johnstown, PA:

Over the last several months, you may have experienced difficulties with WESA's signal in Johnstown, due to technical issues with our equipment there.

We have been working throughout the summer to address this, and I am happy to report that yesterday, our Engineering team restored a clear and stable WESA signal to Johnstown. The solution required an investment in new technology and some time to install it, but if you tune to 100.5 fm now, I think you'll find a dramatic improvement in our service to you. 

Please know that we are exceedingly grateful for your patience as we've dealt with this situation, and hope that you will once again enjoy listening to WESA in Johnstown.

On behalf of everyone at WESA, thank you for listening, and for your support.

Terry O'Reilly
CEO, Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corp. -  WESA and WYEP