Google Yourself: the Best Way to Manage Your Online Reputation

Oct 22, 2013

The website,, helps people reclaim their online image on search engines like Google.
Credit MoneyBlogNewz / Flickr

Imagine applying for internships only to hear nothing back, and the reason is based on your name’s Google search result.

This is what happened to the co-founder of, Pete Kistler who shares the same name as a bunch of criminals. When Pete researched ways to fix the problem he found companies that would help, but for a steep price.

Patrick Ambron, the other founder of, explained how some agencies purposefully mystify the process when talking to customers, in order to overcharge. Kistler and Ambron’s website helps people fix their professional image for an affordable price, sometimes for free. They say using, is “like using Turbotax instead of hiring an accountant.”