On The House: This Little Piggy Goes to Market

Apr 21, 2015


Meat is in demand, and prices are up — 11 percent for beef and pork from 2013-2014. And as people pay more per pound at the counter, they may be more selective and interested in just how their meat gets from the farm to the butcher to the dinner table.

One place Pittsburghers can find high quality meat is at Marty's Market in the Strip District. Through the window of the display counter — meat — from recognizable ribs to more obscure cuts are arranged in tidy stacks and rows. But how do those neatly portioned pieces of meat get from within the animal to the display case? 90.5 WESA's Larkin Page-Jacobs talks to Steve Beachy, formerly head butcher for the store, as he demonstrates the process by breaking down a heritage breed Pennsylvania pig.