How Do Regional FBI Offices Contribute To National Investigations?

Oct 26, 2018


National attention surrounding the President Trump's involvement in the Russia investigation often overshadows important work the FBI does every day, says Robert Jones, the newest head of Pittsburgh’s FBI office.

Robert Allan Jones
Credit FBI

He explains how priorities are set, which threats are most pressing -- including at least 11 pipe bombs left delivered recently to prominent democrats and media offices -- and how he's finding the Steel City so far.

  Later in the program, with less than two weeks until election day, 90.5 WESA’s Chris Potter profiles Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District. Incumbent Rep. Mike Kelly, a Republican, is up against Democrat Ron DiNicola.

DiNicola served as a Marine, and later worked as a lawyer in California. Kelly has been in office since 2010, and was endorsed by President Trump. The 16th District became slightly more Democrat-friendly after the state Supreme Court redrew the district map. Some experts say, despite Kelly's long tenure, this race could go either way.

WESA's Dividing Lines series concludes with potential long-term solutions already in the works for leaders of Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Credit Maria Scapellato / 90.5 WESA

With so many obstacles and systemic problems, can they ever close the achievement gap and ensure quality education for all of their students? Later, hear from the reporters who built the series on how their stories came together.

And the University of Pittsburgh's women's volleyball team is currently ranked fifth in the nation. They defend their 22-game win streak -- and thus far, undefeated season -- on the road against Wake Forest on Friday. WESA's Maria Scapellato went to a recent match for a glimpse at the vibe.

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