How Friends of the Wolfe Sisters Responded to Tragedy with Art

Jul 31, 2014

Amy Garbark
Credit Courtesy photo

After the murders of Sarah and Susan Wolfe earlier this year, a community of grieving artists and friends were faced with the question of how to move on from the tragic loss.

Matthew Bucholz, Sarah’s boyfriend, led the group to channel their grief into something productive. Inspired by the Wolfe sisters’ involvement in the Riot Grrl movement in the mid-90s, Wolfepack Goods sells the work of local makers to raise money for the charity Girls Rock! Pittsburgh. Girls Rock! stages empowerment-through-music camps for young girls.

Amy Garbark — whose art project Garbella contributes to Wolfepack — said they wanted to remember the sisters for the things about which they were passionate.

“We wanted to honor them through art,” she said.

The Wolfepack Goods website is hosted through Commonwealth Press, which recently hosted a kickoff event for the project featuring bands from Girls Rock! Pittsburgh. Dan Rugh of Commonwealth said Wolfepack came from the friendship of the local artists.

“We all saw the same goal and just set together and put it up,” he said.

Vanessa Veltre from Girls Rock! Pittsburgh said it was an honor for Wolfepack to choose them as beneficiaries.

“It’s a very powerful thing for us to be a part of,” she said.

Learn more about the project and shop the store at, and learn more about Girls Rock! Pittsburgh at