How Music Adds Emotion: Pittsburgh Songwriter On Creating An Album

Apr 28, 2016

When talking about working on the album “Chrysalis,” producer Jeff Berman sounds like he’s describing a painting.

“Sculpting out the motion of the piece,” Berman said. “The overtones of that piano. The way that interacted with the rhythm section and helped us sculpt the landscape, we created a musical environment for that tune. The guitars add another part that would add a certain internal motion.”

He worked with singer-songwriter Heather Kropf on the album. Kropf said she primarily focused on writing the songs as a way to cope with some health issues. Once she decided to do the album and layered her songwriting with the music, she said it added a level of emotion her words – and even a live performance -- could not.

“There’s something about an album that’s different for me than a live performance,” Kropf said. “You get more room to play.”