'I Got Dibs!' Pittsburgh Isn't the Only Home of the Parking Chair

Jan 9, 2014

It's that time of year again, snow inevitably falls, you spend time shoveling out a parking spot on the street, spread salt, then have to worry about someone pulling into that space while you're away. 

So what do you do? Mark it with a chair? Maybe another piece of patio furniture? How about a tiki torch or your discarded Christmas tree?

The Tumblr blog, Chicago Dibs has been collecting photos of parking spot markers with photos that range from straight forward...

Credit Lauren Zawilenski / Chicago Dibs Tumblr

To straight up odd.

Credit Family Vacation / Chicago Dibs Tumblr

While putting space savers in the street is illegal and can carry a fine of around $300, the "Pittsburgh Parking Chair" has practically become an institution. 

A month ago, when the South Side printing and design store Commonwealth Press attempted to merchandise the parking chair, they were given a warning by a local police Lieutenant. Their chairs now come with a disclaimer.

The "Official Parking Chair" created by Commonwealth Press on the South Side
Credit Commonwealth Press

While chairs are the most common form of parking space marker, we want to know what kinds of space savers you've seen in Pittsburgh, and send photos! Email us at Esspgh@WESA.fm or catch up with us on twitter.