Ian Cummins, Walking Across America For Mental Health Awareness

Oct 17, 2014

Ian Cummins
Credit Debbi Casini Klein / 90.5 WESA

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Ian Cummins and his younger brother Ryan grew up in a loving family in Dormont and had a very normal childhood. They were very close and had a lot of fun together. But things changed as Ryan grew older — during his sophomore year in high school, the family noticed that Ryan was struggling mentally.

Sadly, despite his family’s valiant efforts to get him help, Ryan took his life a year ago at the age of 20.

The devastation of his brothers’ suicide caused Ian to go on a mission to shed light on mental illness and the stigma still associated with suicide. He created the website www.Ianwalksamerica.org and decided to walk across the country for six months, beginning on March 1, starting in Virginia Beach, crossing nine states, averaging 20–30 miles a day and ending in San Francisco on Aug. 30.