Intimate Concert Series Brings Artists To The People

Feb 25, 2016

Call it an impromptu folk club, like a private party in someone's living room. Burghsong is a 50-minute concert series showcasing contemporary songwriters.

Co-founder Ben Shannon said it was artists' attention to detail and word craft that first drew his devotion back in 2014. What began as a single, successful mini-festival grew into a collaboration with the Sunburst School of Music in Squirrel Hill.

Robbie Hecht of Nashville performed at the 50-seat space in November. 

"It's a nice vibe," he said. "This is about as intimate as it gets."

Burghsong highlights local artists in 50-minute, intimate concerts.
Credit Burghsong

Shannon said he and fellow organizers wanted to provide a cozy setting for people who appreciate song "where local singer/songwriters could be paired with a national songwriter on an equal basis to showcase their craft."

Set for March 19, their fourth of six scheduled events features singer/songwriters Heather Kropf from Pittsburgh and Kansas native Heather Pierson.