Kevin Sousa’s New Restaurant Could be a Community-Driver for Braddock

Dec 17, 2013

Kevin Sousa, award-winning chef and owner of Salt of the Earth restaurant in East Liberty, has an ambitious plan to bring a community-driven restaurant to Braddock, PA.

And he’s appealing to the Pittsburgh community for help.

Sousa is working with community groups such as the Braddock Youth Project and Grow Pittsburgh to create a community-based, world class restaurant, which would include housing.

The restaurant, Superior Motors, is named for the car dealership that used to be located in the building, and it's meant to be a nod to the history of the area.

As a popular restaurateur, Sousa says people tell him he's crazy for making such a risky business move in the blighted community of Braddock. But if Kickstarter funding comes through, he says the community restaurant and farm ecosystem, would be the only restaurant operating in the area.

"This is the kind of thing that Pittsburghers get behind. This is the kind of thing that if I weren't involved, I would get behind. Quite frankly it's the kind of thing that we think, people should feel good just knowing that it could exist."